Financial Aid

UQAM and the Department of Economics provide many sources of funding to their students.

It is possible to work in the department or in one of the many other organizations within UQAM. Please consult our employment opportunities website for more information.

In addition to employment possibilities, UQAM, the Department of Economics, and external organizations offer loan and bursary programs for graduate and undergraduate students. Below is an introduction to these possibilities.

Financial aid offered by UQAM

In addition to the loan and bursary system provided by the Government of Quebec (for residents and citizens) UQAM organizes many other funding programs. For specific information about these programs and their eligibiliy requirements, please see the Financial Aid section of UQAM's Student Services website.

Merit scholarships from outside organizations

There are many organizations offering merit scholarships to university students throughout Quebec. The three principal programs are run by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (CRSH), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (CRSNG) and the Fonds Québécois de  la Recherche sur la Société et la Culture (FQRSC) .
Many other organizations also offer scholarships, such as the International Development Research Center and the Montreal Mathematical Finance Institute. Please see the available scholarships webpage that the department updates regularly.

UQAM provides students with many services to assist them in applying for scholarships, bursaries and loans. Written guides and workshops are offered by Student Services, departmental groups (professors and students receiving scholarships), and individual mentors for students competing in scholarship contests. 

The scholarships offered by these organizations are for Canadian residents. They are competitive, but you don't have to be a genius to qualify! All students with a GPA of approximately 4/4.3 should inform themselves about these scholarships as early as possible. The decisions are made in the fall, and the money is disbursed the following year. 

Financial aid offered by the department for graduate students

Students pursuing graduate studies have the widest variety of options for funding their studies. The Department of Economics puts in place many grant programs for Masters and Ph.D. students, which, unlike federal and provincial aid programs, are all open to foreign students. Please contact the secretary for graduate programs in economics for more information. In addition, many professors receive important research grants, with a large part of the grant going towards funding of graduate students.

A word on financial aid for international students

International students may work on-campus to cover some of the expenses of their stay in Quebec. In addition, students who do not have permanent residency can receive financial aid from groups like the Canadian International Development Agency (ACDI). Students can obtain more information about these programs from representatives of Canada and Quebec abroad, and at the international student services office, run by UQAM's Student Services.