Employment opportunities in the department

The Department of Economics offers employment opportunities as teaching and research assistants to its students. There are three types of jobs:

Teaching assistantships:: The department offers teaching assistant contracts to both undergraduate and graduate students. The students are hired to supervise and correct exams, to conduct laboratory sessions, and to offer technical support to professors.

Teaching positions: UQAM has a policy that reserves 8% of courses not taught by tenured professors to student teachers. Ph.D. candidates have the opportunity to teach one undergraduate course per year, which assigns to them all the responsibility of the course, with the exception of supervising thesis papers. These teaching positions are an excellent source of revenue for graduate students, allow them to gain valuable work experience, and provide a first-hand experience to gauge their interest for teaching in the future.

Research Assistantships: Many professors in the department receive research grants from organizations such as the Social sciences and humanities reasearch council of Canada (CRSH) and the Fonds Québécois de la Recherche sur la Société et la Culture (FQRSC). These funds permit professors to hire students as research assistants. The contracts help students finance their studies, but more importantly, give them an excellent framework for the realization of a Masters or Ph.D. thesis. Most of these positions are offered to graduate students, but some are available to undergraduates as well. 

You can obtain more information about all of these possibilities by contacting the secretary of your respective program, or the professor whose area of research interests you the most.  

On-campus employment

Through the many jobs offered to students on UQAM's campus, it is possible to finance your studies and to gain important employment experience at the same time. Students can find on-campus employment opportunities by visiting the UQAM's available jobs website. Many of the jobs are offered by the following organizations:

  • the UQAM sports center
  • the UQAM Co-op
  • the student life services
  • the registrar's office
  • the different academic organizations