Etienne Lalé winner of the Labour Economics Best Review Award 2022

”The editors of Labour Economics, the journal of European Association of Labour Economists (EALE,, awarded the journal’s Best Reviewer Award 2022 to professor Etienne Lalé. The award comes with a 1,000€ prize. In his announcement at the annual EALE meeting, the Editor-in-chief, Arthur van Soest, explains:

Like in other years, we had several nominations of excellent candidates and were able to select an outstanding winner. This year’s best reviewer award goes to Etienne Lale, associate professor of economics at the University of Quebec at Montreal. Etienne has written many thorough and constructive reports over the years (I counted 19 in the system he declined only once), for several different coeditors. Quoting from the nomination: “Etienne’s clear and conscientious reports have been of immense help to the authors and editor. He not only makes very good “big picture” comments but also is able to suggests ways forward to technical/methodological issues that ended up taking the paper to the next level.”

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