Professor Dalibor Stevanovic won the Harry Johnson Prize

Professor Dalibor Stevanovic (Department of Economics) won the Harry Johnson Prize with co-authors Olivier Fortin-Gagnon Maxime Leroux (Department of Economics) and Stéphane Surprenant
(Department of Economics) entitled "A Large Canadian Database for Macroeconomic Analysis", published in 2022 in the Canadian Journal of Economics / Revue canadienne d'économique.

Each year, the Canadian Economics Association awards the Harry G. Johnson Prize to the author or authors of the article considered to be the best published in the Canadian Journal of Economics during the previous calendar year. The award is awarded at the annual meetings of the Canadian Economics Association and is selected by a committee. The prize was awarded on June 3 Canadian Economics Association's annual conference in Winnipeg.

The text of the article can be downloaded at

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