The program typically involves two stages.  Firstly, there is a sequence of obligatory courses, designed to develop the student’s analytical capacity in microeconomic and macroeconomic theory, and in econometrics. The second stage is devoted to the preparation of an eventual thesis project, and involves several further courses in areas related to one’s chosen research topic. Students are encouraged to begin considering their choice of research area as early as possible during their studies. During their second year, students are required to write a research paper under the supervision of a research director. A second, mandatory research paper is written following the completion of all course work and it should be presented as part of the Department's internal seminars. These two papers are then the object of an oral exam, and invariably become constituent chapters in the thesis. This active approach to research has the effect of accelerating the progress made by students, and it also allows for close collaboration with faculty members from the very beginning of the program. The duration of the doctoral program is four years of full-time study.

The Department helps prepare students for the job market by providing logistical support. Our PhD graduates are recruited by the very best universities and private- and public-sector institutions.

Research is rarely a solitary activity! The Department of Economics, together with the Centre interuniversitaire sur le risque, les politiques économiques et l’emploi (CIRPÉE),  organizes many research seminars and conference, as do the four other economics departments in Montreal.  These activities are open to students, allowing one to meet experienced academic researchers from Canadian, American and European universities. Occasionally, PhD students have the opportunity to present their own work.

For more information, please contact Martine Boisselle at the graduate studies office, at (514) 987-8362 or Martine Boisselle

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