Master economics

Economic analysis and theory and political debate are all central to the Master’s program in economics. The program is a veritable hub of knowledge, taught by one of the youngest and most dynamic professorial teams at UQAM. The emphasis on discussion and exchange is important when it comes to choosing a thesis topic and a research supervisor, be it in the general program or in the financial economics stream. The latter emphasizes competency in finance and provides good training to financial sectoremployment or for the theoretical aspects of the CFA exams. The program requires two years of full-time involvement.

Our program places equal emphasis on knowledge of contemporary economic theories and current debate, on the one hand, and, on the other, the concrete application of such knowledge to particular fields. The program curriculum consists of, first, rigorous training in macroeconomic and microeconomic theory and econometrics. Then, students may choose from a large range of optional courses in order to proceed towards particular fields of research.

The Master’s degree finishes with the completion of a mandatory Master’s thesis, which provides the students with experience in research and writing. Not only does this benefit the student directly, it is also greatly appreciated by employers, which include the best institutions in the public and private sectors. Other students continue to doctoral level, be it in our own program or at other institutions in North America or Europe.

It will come as no surprise that our placement ratio is virtually 100%.

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Dalibor Stevanovic
Director of Master's program


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