The certificate in economics offers a view of the economy in all its forms. It is an interdisciplinary program that reflects the complexity of our world.

This program gives the opportunity to acquire, as part of a diverse student body, the basic theoretical, quantitative, and institutional skills in economics. The certificate thus offers a great return in terms of professional opportunities for a limited investment. Furthermore, the certificate in economics can be combined with other certificates to obtain a bachelor's degree.

For more information please consult the description of the certificate in economics (4135-4136-4137), or contact our program secretary at  (514) 987-3659.

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In three years (for full-time students) the bachelor of economics trains students in economic theory and principles. Students study the behavior of individuals, groups, firms, and governments. This study is based on human behavior in the face of problems resulting from the scarcity of resources, and the institutions that society has established to resolve these problems.

UQAM offers five concentrations in the Bachelor of Economics program. There is no quota system, and new students are admitted both in fall (end of August) and in winter (beginning of January). The faculty is made up of widely reputed professors who foster a collaborative and exciting academic environment. Students have the opportunity to attend midday lectures (eco-lunches) and to participate in a variety of activities (cabane à sucre, ski trips, 5 to 7s, etc) which give them the chance to get to know each other and their professors in an informal context.  

To learn more about the program, please visit the Guide to the Bachelor in Economics or contact the program secretary for the bachelor of economics program, at 514 987-3659.

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