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Department life
Thanks to the availability of our faculty and the active nature of the different student associations, the Department of Economics is full of collaboration between professors and students. The atmosphere is relaxed. Many professors leave their doors open for students and are usually available to advise them in their studies. The department also encourages social activities among students so as to reinforce a sense of community and build camaraderie among students and faculty.

The professors in the Department of Economics come from all over the world and have studied abroad in the best economics departments. With this global background comes an open, welcoming outlook on the world. Each year, we welcome many international students in our programs, and we encourage local students to complete a part of their education abroad. This unique opportunity prepares students to live new cultural experiences and to overcome the challenges of an increasingly global economy.

Student associations

Why not get involved in your student association? You will develop leadership skills and build a network of friends and contacts, invaluable when you enter the job market. There are many different student associations at UQAM in general and at the School of Management in particular. The latter associations are organized according to field of study and are regrouped in the umbrella organization, the Associations Étudiantes de l’École des Sciences de la Gestion (AÉESG).
The students’ presence is also solicited by different program committees. Students can participate, for example, in development of a department’s curriculum and in the planning of course schedules. The students’ input is also necessary for the negotiation of evaluation agreements, the evaluation of instructors, and the modification and evaluation of a program.

For economics students, the two most important associations are:

Association of Graduate Students in Economics (AECSE)

The AECSE brings together Masters and Ph.D. students from diverse backgrounds and gives them a common voice. The association’s goal is to promote and develop the academic and socio-cultural interests of its members. The organization participates actively in the department’s life, it proposes training session on different topics, and organizes many social activities throughout the year. The AECSE’s office is located in suite R-5620, in front of the department’s main office. You can contact its members by email at or by telephone at (514) 987-3000, ext. 2260.

Economics Student Association (AESE)

The AESE is a non-profit association that regroups all undergraduates of the Department of Economics. The association organizes many activities related to the academic and social lives of its members, such as Economics Week and a popular annual wine and cheese. This event is a chance for students, graduates, and professors to get to know each other outside of the classroom. The AESE’s office is located in suite R-M223. You can contact its members by telephone at (514) 987-3000 ext. 8220.

Within UQAM’s School of Management, there are many other active associations:

Finally, across all of UQAM, there are more than sixty student groups — a testament to the vitality of student life on campus. To learn more, see the Student Services website.

At UQAM, the students are also parteners. Many groups with decision-making power, (Administrative Council, Executive Committee, Commission for Studies, and the Academic Council) reserve a place for students in order to facilitate their participation in the university’s development. The Student Life Committee has a mandate to provide students with the means to make reccomnedations in order to assure the highest quality of life for all the students at UQAM.

Student resources

Advice for graduate students

Greg Mankiw (Harvard) has gathered several links on various topics of interest :

Prepare an academic presentation :

Prepare for the academic job market :

Start your search in the top academic journals in economics via the interface
of the UQAM library :

The UQAM library has a web page decicated to economics:

And a librarian to help you :

Create professionnal-looking documents with LaTEX

LaTEX distributions :

Resources for working with LaTEX (packages and documentation) are at :

Create presentation with the Beamer package :

Use BibTEX to insert automatically citations and bibliography into your LaTEX documents:

Organize your BibTEX bibliography database with JabRef :

If you do not like working directly in LaTEX by you still want to use (most of) its potential you can try these document structure-based processors that provide an environment similar to What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) :

Lyx – open source : necessitates installed LaTEX distribution before installing the processor:

Scientific Word/Workplace – proprietary sofware of MacKichan (licensed) :

Scientific Workplace in the virtual laboratory of ESG UQAM :

LaTEX shells for UQAM Master’s and PhD thesis

Class (courtesy of Gisèle Legault from Département de mathématiques)  : « memoireuqam »

Fast start guide for class : « PDF »

The description of how to use this class and supplementary resources can be found at:

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