Five new faculty members recruited

The Economics Department continues its expansion with the recruitment of five new professors!

Following an exceptional recruitment campaign, which lasted some four months, we are happy to announce the arrival of five new professors among our ranks.  Our new colleagues are:

Marie Louise Leroux (Toulouse)— Having completed her doctoral thesis under the supervision of Helmut Cremer, Marie Louise is currently at CORE at the Catholic University of Louvain.  Her areas of specialization are public finance, health economics and political economy.  She has several publications to her name with various co-authors, in journals including the Journal of Public Economics, the European Journal of Political Economy and the Journal of Health Economics. Marie Louise has devoted particular attention to the study of population ageing, optimal taxation and pension plans, topics that are of particular interest to policymakers.

Alessandro Barattieri (Boston College)— Following a PhD thesis under the direction of James Anderson, Susanto Basu and Fabio Ghironi, Alessandro works in the fields of international economics (finance and trade) and macroeconomics.  His recruitment seminar was impressive in its dynamism, clarity and depth, and it dealt with the topics of comparative advantage, the balance of trade in services and global disequilibria.  He is co-author with Susanto Basu and Peter Gottschalk of a recent NBER working paper (No. 16130) on the frequency of adjustment of nominal wages, drawing on microeconomic data.

Sean Horan (Boston University)—  Having completed his doctorate under the supervision of Barton Lipman, Sean works mainly in the areas of decision theory, microeconomics, and law and economics.  He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Princeton University and a Master’s in law from the University of Toronto.  His original research in decision theory, which draws on choices expressed in the form of lists, is likely to give rise to several interesting applications.

Dalibor Stevanovic (Université de Montréal)—  Currently a visiting researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, Dalibor completed his doctorate in the fields of econometrics and macroeconomics under the supervision of Jean Boivin and Jean-Marie Dufour.  He works on the development of methods for the estimation of so-called “factor” structural models, which can be used in order to measure monetary policy and credit shocks more precisely and make relevant macroeconomic predictions.  He has also worked on the estimation of open-economy models, particularly for Canada.  He is co-author of several papers with Jean Boivin, Jean-Marie Dufour and Marc Giannoni.

Pierre-Yves Yanni (UCLA)— Following a Master’s in economics from UBC, Pierre-Yves completed his PhD under the direction of Hugo Hopenhayn.  He works in the field of applied economics, macroeconomics and industrial organization.  His research deals with incentives for risk-taking in the financial markets.  In a context of dynamic general equilibrium with adverse selection, he has shown that the incentives for risk-taking by agents are interconnected.  These complementarities amongst agents in the choice of risk level lead to multiple equilibria and, in certain situations, to sub-optimal risk choices.

The Department extends a warm welcome to all our new colleagues, and thanks the members of this year’s Recruitment Committee: Kristian Behrens, Marie Connolly-Pray, Yvon Fauvel, Stéphane Pallage and Louis Phaneuf.

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