« The department is full of new professors, which guarantees up-to-date courses, training at the frontier of research, and new persectives. Plus, UQAM is active in Québec’s society and gives back to the community because many professors intervene in current economic debates. »
Pier-André Bouchard St. Amant (Masters)

« I chose UQAM first and foremost because of the reputation of its professors. Over the course of my studies, I have developed my own opinion, and I have found them to meet and exceed my expectations. They are always available, they are efficient and open-minded, and they are equally capable in both teaching and research. »
Geneviève Coulombe (Masters)

« The professors are very friendly and close to their students. The working environment is exciting, and the collaboration between students is out of the ordinary. »
Govinda Bernier (Masters)

« I chose to study at the Department of Economics at UQAM because the professors are very competent, in addition to being available and close to their students. The university life here is diversified and always exciting! I strongly recommend Economics at UQAM! »
Christian Rodrigue (Masters)

« The atmosphere is intellectually very challenging. I think we are evolving in one of the most stimulating economics department in North America! »
Ha Dao (Ph.D.)

« I chose UQAM for its cosmopolitan department, which provides great diversity in its academic ideologies. Learning should be done in an open environment with no prejudices. »
Lan Khong (Ph.D.)

« Coming from abroad, I find that UQAM offers a multicultural community where practically all nations are represented. The atmosphere is convivial and, thanks to the department’s reputation, the employment possibilities are very good. »
Francis Kayembe (Masters)

« Why UQAM? For its stimulating research environment, where we feel that the professors care deeply about their research, and the cooperation among peers that favors intellectual development. »
Olivier Gervais (Masters)

« The thing I appreciate most at UQAM is the ease I’ve had in integrating with people from diverse origins. The relaxed ambiance favors confidence and research. In addition, it is a very stimulating and enriching working environment. »
Karla Nievas (Masters)

School of Management

Recognized for the quality of its practice-oriented education, the excellence of its applied research, and its international presence, the School of Management (ESG UQAM) asserts its leadership with a bold vision for the future.


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